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Sivert is a keynote speaker, adventurer, consultant and family man. He has a lot of experience from the polar areas and is an ambassador to protect our last true wilderness areas. Sivert has travelled several times to Antarctica and the South Pole and has spent more than a decade on the top of the world; the arctic archipelago Svalbard .

Based in Romsdalen, in the Fjord region of Norway, he travels extensively doing lectures and consulting. Sivert uses his experience from expeditions and business til build relations with organizations, corporations and institutions. He covers motivational lectures, team building, strategy and organisational development. Sivert is the kind of guy that is easy to deal with and well liked by most people, from the senior executive to the clerk.


Adventures and expeditions can be powerful tools to be used as examples to the strategic and personal challenges you meet either in business or in life in general. Sivert does lectures and workshops on most levels and with organizations ranging from school classes to global corporations. His lectures are inspiring and motivational and he uses humor as an important ingredient when he is on stage.


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